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Step 01: Project Evaluation

Every video production project needs thorough evaluation. At Whitehats Studios we understand that, which is why we take the time and effort to understand what you require. Our video production consultancy sessions take notes of all the details involved. Unlike any other video production company in Dubai, we do not proceed with a project unless our team of video creators has fully understood what you have in mind.

This detailed evaluation exercise helps us set the level of expectations that you have in mind. We are able to determine the communication needs that you have established in your own mind about the video. The project evaluation also ascertains the type of audience that you have in mind. A well- directed video revolves around the needs of the audiences established by the project evaluation phase which is an important part of video production.

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Step 02: Script Writing

Script writing is everything in video production. The tone that it sets from the start ascertains the way you would be communicating. Script writing keeps in mind the type of audience that you are addressing and the way you are engaging them. Script writing involves a great deal of thinking to follow a meticulous approach that takes all factors into account.

Our script writing approach is direct, minimalistic and to the point. We are in a business of engaging customers using videos and we take that very seriously. There is already so much information out there to digest that without a simple and direct approach customers will not be attracted to your call- to-action or other triggers to have the desired influence.

Step 03: Story Boarding

Storyboarding is all about timelines, imagination and bringing life to something that only exists in imagination. As a 3D animation company in Dubai, we carefully build a storyboard around the ideas that you have. This includes creation of the scenes that would be created. The settings of the entire video and the way each element would be presented in it.

Our team of visual artists thinks through everything by taking care of all the details involved. This includes the medium to be used for the template, sketching the thumbnails, and addition of any other important information required. The storyboard is finalized with all the detail including key points related to the subject and finalizing it for the next video production phase.

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Step 04: Character Animation

Every video has a character. The type of character is decided based on the original project evaluation in the first phase of video production. This evaluation helps us ascertain if there is a main character that needs to be created. The characteristics of this main character are determined by the type of role that it has to play and its attire is accordingly decided within the animated video.

Main character is important without a doubt. But there are other enforcing or secondary characters that are often required to take the story to the next level. Whitehats Studios team help you decide what type of role these secondary characters would play in the story. The type of interaction these characters will have with the main character is also decided while keeping the main message in context.

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Step 05: Video Production

The storyboarding provides a detail of the pre-production process. All the things that have been planned in the step-4 would come into play in this critical step. During this phase, the video is recorded by combining all the elements of the character in the order already decided. The idea is to make sure that this step fully conveys all the information that has been originally thought of.

In video production all the technical aspects would be taken care of. All the scenes are recorded by professional animators with years of experience. The graphic elements and the characters combined would ensure that the desired graphic motions have been created. This is where you will start seeing the actual result of what you have imagined.

Step 06: Animation Voice Over

Voiceovers are very important part of the overall video production process. At Whitehats Studios we have professional voiceover artists. You will be able to find a lot of choice in getting a male or female voice recorded. The native language proficiency would ensure that you get great quality pronunciation, all the words clearly understood by the audience.

We use high quality voice recording studio to guarantee professionalism. A clear sound is very important to get the desired impact. Any voice adjustments needed with the characters movement would be done to optimize the video viewing experience. This synchronization is very important to ensure that there is no gap between video rendering and the supporting sounds.

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Step 07: Sound Effects

Every video is different and needs to carry a varying feel. The background music and sound effects therefore differ greatly. Albeit sound effects are very important, you also need to understand that overuse of sound effects will kill the vary purpose of making your video in the first place. This is where Whitehats Studios can help you a great deal.

Once the video has been created, we analyze each frame very carefully. A rich sound library enables us to add the sound which suits the best in any given situation. The use of appropriate sound effects in the right quantity ensures that you get the best quality video production results. We also accommodate customers’ requests if they want to make any changes to the sound effects added.

Step 08: Publishing & Marketing

Quality is of prime importance for video production. No matter what type of video you require, we make sure that it surpasses your quality expectations. Whitehats Studios will render your video in high quality. An HD quality video would ensure that you can use it anywhere and for all purposes, making it ready for launch.

We understand our customers which is why we would provide them with video in different sizes and resolutions. This would help them use it on any video website without any problems. We also make sure that you are provided the video in different formats so that you do not have any compatibility issues.

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